When i stretch the task i want the value of endtime which it shows in tooltip


Hi Sir/Mam,
I am customizing this application by drag my task in chart area.
Please let me know from where this tooltip (which show on mouse hove of task in center chart control) of task getting set and from where i can get the end time of partucular task when i drag one task to the right side.
-As i have shown in attached snapshot of my application i am draging my task from right side panel on chart control.
-Now when i drop my task to chart control At that time i want the value of time of chart control.
-please let me know how can i get it.

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This will require a custom support ticket. Please go to http://coderforrent.com/page/Silverlight-Gannt-Chart-Commercial-Licenses.aspx for more info.

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